Dacor Refrigerator Service in San Diego

Dacor refrigerators are designed with many components but two main components are the condenser coil and the evaporator coil. If something happens to either of these coils, your refrigerator will stop working. The main reasons we have found that if the condenser coils stop working is that they have gotten covered with dust, pet hair, or both. The good news is that by taking your vacuum cleaner and removing the debris from them every few months, you can drastically reduce the odds of having to contact us here at Premier Appliance Repair-Dacor Service.

Proper maintenance is a key factor in extending the number of years you get to enjoy your Dacor refrigerator. Keeping the coils free of dust and pet hair is just one aspect of the maintenance they require. Arranging for one of our experienced Dacor repair experts to come to your home and examine your Dacor refrigerator at least once a year, will spare you the headache of a future emergency repair.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to prevent problems, things go wrong and you arrive home and discover that your Dacor fridge isn’t working, despite the fact it was perfectly functional when you left home earlier that day. Rather than rushing out to the nearest appliance store and purchasing a brand new fridge, grab your phone and give us a call. No matter what time you call, you’ll enjoy speaking to a live customer support. Just speaking to someone about the problems your Dacor refrigerator has developed will help you start to feel less panicked about the situation. If the problem is minor, our customer service phone rep might be able to talk you through the repair process. If it’s too big to resolve that way, they’ll set up an appointment for one of our highly trained Dacor refrigerator experts to come to your home and handle the problem.

Dacor Refrigerator Issues We Handle:

  • Dacor refrigerators that have unexpected leaks
  • Door seals that have lost some of their stickiness
  • Dacor fridge is making odd noises
  • We unclog clogged Dacor icemakers
  • Broken built in icemakers
  • Electrical shorts
  • Condenser Cleaning
  • Broken Saddle Valve
  • Broken electric inlet valve
Call and book a Dacor refrigerator repair appointment today. You’ll be very glad you did!

Dacor Dishwasher Repair San Diego

San Diego is a fun city were something new and exciting seems to take place every single night. You want to be a part of everything. You don’t want to have to stay home and spend your precious free time hand washing dishes just because your Dacor dishwasher has stopped working properly and your now out of any clean dishes.

Signs Of Your Dacor Dishwasher Needs Service:

  • You’re having a difficult time either opening or closing the door
  • The latch isn’t catching properly, making it difficult to get the Dacor dishwasher does not turn on
  • You notice water pooling at the bottom of the Dacor dishwasher and not draining properly
  • Dishes are still dirty even after you’ve run them through a complete wash cycle
  • The Dacor dishwasher is making never before heard noises

If you’re experiencing any of these issues the best thing you can do is shutting it off and calling Premier Appliance-Dacor Service. Continuing to use the dishwasher and hoping the problem will resolve itself isn’t a viable plan, the situation will only grow worse. Remember, we can handle any problem from door replacement, adjust tubes, to resolving leaks, to replacing damaged tubes and other components. We specialize in Dacor Products.

You’ll Love our Great Prices

Just because you have a kitchen full of luxury Dacor appliances, it doesn’t mean you want to pay an outrageous sum for repairs. You’ll love that we’ve worked hard to keep our operating costs as low as possible and we’ve gone to extensive lengths to pass these saving onto you in the form of low repair costs without compromising the quality of the repairs you’ll receive. We’re the most affordable Dacor repair service San Diego metro area.

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